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It consists of 2 modules: a module editing the book and module reading books. There is password protection of every book and the editing mode. With its current functions, you can create quite a good book for easy reading for all students and schoolchildren. There is a print function - this makes the program self-sufficient, as it allows for creation of the book not to use third-party text editors. Since all the books are stored centrally in a database, then it increases the reliability of their safety. Database SQLite3. This allows you to have a database file on any server (Windows, GNU / Linux, etc.), without having to install the database server. The functions of import and export of books allow you to send books to those who have "Klen-library" is not installed, and vice versa - to read other documents in this program. Supported features: - Working with multiple libraries; - Creation of a textbook; - Reading the textbook; - Rich editing the text of the textbook; - Search the text of the book; - Export of textbooks into the file(s): XWB, HTML, TXT, PDF, PostScript, RTF; - Import of textbooks from the file(s): XWB, HTML, TXT;(*) - Print book; - Inserting image; - Working with table; - Protection of books with a password; - Password protection mode editing; - It is possible to run the module testing(*); - Adding more information; - Statistics of work; - Backup library;

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